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November 8, 2021

Your Husband has come home from combat and seems isolated. You are worried about him but not sure what to do or how to help him. Sometimes it even feels like you are a “punching bag” to his emotions. Do you think your partner could be suffering from PTSD? Do you know what to look […]

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Your Husband has come home from combat and seems isolated. You are worried about him but not sure what to do or how to help him. Sometimes it even feels like you are a “punching bag” to his emotions. Do you think your partner could be suffering from PTSD? Do you know what to look out for and what the signs of PTSD are?

I am so fortunate to be able to have my true hero, my Husband Willie on this podcast episode, sharing some real moments of his time in combat and how that affected him. We also discuss the symptoms of PTSD and what you as a partner can do to support your Husband recovering from trauma.

In This Podcast


  • Family and commitment balance
  • Early PTSD symptoms
  • What a partner can do that helps
  • Recovery is not overnight
  • Be wary of people in your friend circle

Family and commitment balance

We don’t think that way and dismiss the family that we have at home. We still know that we have that family, but we also know that there’s more on our shoulders as well. (Willie Cisneros)

People in the army care for one another. A soldier does not go out into the field without caring for their people. They go out together into battle and they make sure to come home together.

If something goes wrong, a soldier does not leave their companion to be vulnerable simply because they have a family back home. They will stay and help their fellow solider get to safety, putting themselves at risk because that is how they support one another.

While we’re out there doing what we do, at that time, that’s our family, and we take care of each other like family. When we come home, we embrace our family at home once we’re 100% as well. (Willie Cisneros)

Early PTSD symptoms

  • Having a short temper,
  • Not knowing how to respond,
  • Sudden anger,
  • Frustration,
  • Emotional highs and lows,
  • Overly hypervigilant,
  • Constantly looking at exists and changes in the surroundings,
  • Accelerated heart rate and headaches,
  • Disassociating with people,
  • Wanting to isolate and remain private.

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What a partner can do that helps

1 – Being supportive without assuming what it feels like.

2 – Giving your partner space. Allow them to figure it out while letting them know that they are not alone.

3 – Helping to find the right treatment for your partner. Ask the therapist if they are equipped to treat PTSD and know treatment modules such as EMDR.

There were a couple of times that you had to remind me that [you] weren’t the enemy … “I’m not going to be your punching bag but at the same time … I’m here to help you. I’m not against you, I’m with you. (Willie Cisneros)

4 – Be compassionate and patient in the process.

Recovery is not overnight

It takes time to move through something traumatic. Keep your expectations realistic in knowing that recovery will take some time.

Encourage your partner you pursue their recovery while holding space for them where they are currently at in their journey. You can validate their current emotions while supporting them to heal beyond them.

Be wary of people in your friend circle

There may be some people who will want your partner to regale stories from their time in action. Do not let them near your partner, and ask them to stop immediately.

Whenever you ask someone to tell you something about their past, the chances are likely that they will relive that moment in having to remember it and talk about it.

Protect your partner by making sure that people are not asking inappropriate questions and goading them into telling them action stories. If they want a story, they can watch a movie.

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