It's a Podcast, but it's Also Marriage Coaching

Veronica is on a mission to help couples reignite the fire by providing them with the skills to have the relationship they deserve.

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How to Stop Feeling Like Roommates

I am on a mission to help couples break free from feeling like roommates, who are ready to reconnect in a way that they can’t keep their hands off each other, where flirting and kissing are the norm in their household. You will learn how to support each other, so you feel like a team.

How to Inspire Change

You will learn how to inspire change not only in your relationship but in yourself. You will learn how to set intentional time to grow together as a couple so you can be the best of friends, in turn, strengthen your family by modeling a healthy relationship for your kids. 

“Why is it that we argue over the same thing?” I get it, communication can be tough, especially when you weren’t taught how to manage conflict. I will provide you with the skills you need so that you and your husband can communicate effectively. 

How to Resolve an Argument

what you'll learn here: 

I’m Veronica, your new Boss MOM Mentor with no filter and no BS. 

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, women’s coach, course creator, and retreat host. Married for OVER 20 years, raising three girls, and the host of the Empowered and Unapologetic podcast. 

Enough about me… 

My jam? Helping high-achieving women thrive both at home and in the hustle of work.

I've been there.

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For years I compromised myself to meet the needs of my husband and my child, I lost myself and was about to lose my marriage. After years of personal growth and self-reflection, I have not only reclaimed my identity, and celebrated 23 years of marriage but also helped hundreds of couples transform their marriage from feeling like roommates to experiencing a deeper love.

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

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5 Things That Are Killing Your Marriage

In this guide, I'll share the simple strategies that help my clients go from feeling like roommates to reigniting their relationship and falling in love again.   


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5 Things Killing Your Marriage