"I love my husband,
but I also resent him."

Sound familiar? The problem is, you don't have the time (or the energy) to go to the "shrink" every week and you can't keep having the same arguments over and over. Empower X gives you access to monthly virtual meetings, retreats, as well as action steps to beat the stress, meet your goals, improve your relationships, and be your best mom self.

Empower X


Accepting applications! First session will be August 14, 2024. Group will meet every 3 weeks for 4 months. 

For working moms who are entrepreneurs, executives, or high-achieving professional women — Empower X is about finding support and developing key skills to prioritize your goals and improve your marriage and motherhood. 

This isn't just another bullshit moms group; it's a badass mastermind group full of high-achieving women, just like you! We all know what it feels like to take big business risks, to juggle calls and meetings while also getting your kids from school, and the highs and lows of work and home. It's time to break free from the cycle of complaints and create a platform where high-achieving women thrive in both their personal and professional lives.


First session will be August 14, 2024. Group will meet every 3 weeks for 4 months. 

What's Included?

Empower X with Veronica Cisneros, is a 4-month INVITE- ONLY meticulously curated group of HIGH-ACHIEVING Women who are looking for support, knowledge-sharing, and community committed to scaling their CAREERS, while also enriching their family life. Designed to empower you to prioritize your aspirations, enhance your marriage, and embrace motherhood with confidence and support.

Empower X will convene every 3 weeks for a virtual Mastermind Meeting lasting two hours. During these sessions, members will engage in deep dives into their challenges, offering and receiving invaluable skills aimed at fostering growth and breakthroughs in both personal and professional realms.

In addition to our virtual meetings, Empower X features an exclusive in-person retreat. Hosted by Veronica Cisneros in San Diego, this retreat promises an immersive experience with practical workshops, and meaningful opportunities to strengthen our community bonds.

Membership grants continuous access to our private messaging channel, ensuring that support, advice, and camaraderie from the group (Veronica included) are always just a message away.


First session will be August 14, 2024. Group will meet every 3 weeks for 4 months. 

Core Membership Features

Virtual Mastermind Meetings - Every 3 Weeks
  • Join our exclusive 2-hour calls where members come together for topic-led discussions and gain valuable insights from experts.
  • Connect with like-minded women, build a network, and foster meaningful relationships.

Private Chat and Message Board:
  • Exclusive weekly access to Veronica through an exclusive message board.
  • Chat privately with members of Empower X to talk about life, jobs, kids and challenges.  

Monthly "Action Plan" to Improve Your Marriage:
  • Receive monthly challenges and tasks designed to improve your work-home life balance.
  • Reconnect with your husband, stop the “blame game,” and inspire healthy communication at home. 

Yearly Retreat Invitation (travel costs separate): 
  • Only members are invited to our annual retreat designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and high-impact personal growth. 
  • Network with fellow members in a serene and inspiring setting, creating lasting connections. *Travel costs separate from membership. 

  • 1:1 Introductory Session to Set Personal Action Plan
  • 1:1 Quarterly Check-in: Hour long session to talk about progress & personal goals 


First session will be August 14, 2024. Group will meet every 3 weeks for 4 months. 

Meeting Times

Go ahead and mark your calendars! Our 2-hour calls will be scheduled for these days. We will be getting deep ladies. Set the time aside now!

  • August 14
  • September 4
  • September 25
  • October 16
  • November 6
  • November 26
  • December 18
  • January Retreat 


Accepting applications! Invitations to the program will be sent out April 8, 2024. First session will be August 14, 2024. Group will meet every 3 weeks for 4 months. 

We believe in accountability and self-empowerment within a marriage. It's not YOUR responsibility to have everything together for your husband, your kids, yourself; he needs to handle his own shit and I’ll handle mine! THEN we can meet in the middle, discuss it, and support each other.

Redefine Success On Your Terms

  • My husband doesn’t get me
  • My husband doesn’t support me
  • My husband seems irritated that I have a job.
  • My husband complains about feeling neglected and how much housework he has to do. It’s like he’s keeping score. 
  • I feel guilty that I am “slacking” as a mom but work is so stressful and my husband doesn’t seem to want to help me.

My Husband...

Top Complaints

Trust me when I say, I HAVE BEEN THERE. It sucks that society puts so much pressure on women to be independent, hardworking, full time mom, caretaker, and then always happy and loving towards her spouse. Ew. And the truth is...that’s bullshit. We are people who have a range of talents and emotions. It’s time we started working on letting those talents lead us and not be the thing we feel most guilty about! Am I right? Hell yes, I am! Join Empower X and get the tools to take your life back and not sacrifice your marriage in the process!