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I'm on a mission to help boss babes, moms, and wives reignite their fire by providing them with the skills to have the relationship, job and life they deserve.

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  • Mastering marriage, motherhood, and business: A high-achiever's guide to balancing it all
  • Mistakes high-achieving women make in their marriage
  • How to scale your business without sacrificing your marriage or motherhood
  • How to get your husband to support your dreams and goals?
  • How much ambition can a marriage sustain?!
  • Minimizing Your success to protect my husband's feelings.
  • High achievers and relationships: how to navigate marriage, motherhood, and business.
  • Working moms VS working dads
  • Can a relationship work if only one person is ambitious?
  • 5 common mistakes couples make in their marriage. 
  • How to stop fighting about the same thing; conflict resolution. 
  • How to reconnect with your partner so you no longer feel like roommates. 
  • How to set boundaries with yourself, employees, and family. 
  • How to work through resentment so you no longer keep score.

I don't do superficial or sugar coating. Let's cut straight to the real talk! Here are some examples of the topics I speak on:

it's time to reignite the passion in your life.

real talk topics:

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- Sanjuana

“Marriage takes work and this is the best kind of work to do to get results.”