Willie and I didn't stand a chance.

We both came from dysfunctional families. I was taught to shut down my emotions, keep my feelings to myself and compromise my needs to make others happy. So when I met Willie, it was love at first sight. (Seriously!) We both thought love and attraction alone would keep us together. But boy were we both wrong. One month away from divorce and a lot of self-work kicked our butts into gear to reconnect and build a strong foundation. 20 years later, we are committed to growing together and learning more about how to be intimately connected.

For me, an unstable marriage means an unstable business. I realized that no matter what I do or how hard I try, I can’t force change. I had to work on myself to accept and receive love.

Usually consists of me negotiating all the reasons why I should go back to sleep and why I need to get my ass up and workout.

morning routine:

Creating a dance floor in my kitchen, singing to my girls, and sneaking in a kiss all while the girls are shouting ewwwww!


Bullshit, superficial shit or sugar coating things. I'm not about giving you what you want.


True love, vulnerability, the power of surrender, and living life to the fullest.


I realized it’s not his fault that I didn’t make myself a priority! I started working on myself by identifying my needs and putting them first, everything changed. I was a better mom, wife and more importantly I was unapologetically ME!

Once I started to work on my own issues, lack of confidence, inability to control my emotions and communicate what I was feeling without criticism, everything changed.

I’m no different from you, even as a therapist I too have struggled with connecting and communicating with my husband. Just like you, I wanted my husband to grow with me. Just like you, I wanted a healthy marriage. One that would make newlyweds jealous. I know I have that now and I am excited to teach you how to do the same.

My superpower is to help high achieving women take ownership of the issues they bring into the relationship (and their business) by teaching, motivating, encouraging, and guiding them outside of their comfort zones.

I don’t know of a powerful woman in business who achieved all of her goals and stayed married. Most of the time the husband has cheated or has left. However, men don’t have to worry about their wives staying because they provide security. The security we provide to our families is posed as a threat to our husbands. Because of that threat, it appears we are purposefully emasculating them when in reality we are trying to provide stability and meet our own goals. 

bad bunny, reggaeton or dance music


green enchiladas


it didn't start with you


80 ounces of water


gilmore girls with my daughters



My Favorite Things

My husband, my best friend, and my biggest cheerleader! Our adventures and makeout sessions.

my happy place!

My kids. I've learned so much from them. They are my greatest teachers. 

A room filled with good music, family, dancing, and good food.

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

my guilty pleasure

Photos! Hashtag fashion axe palo santo fanny pack, ramps cornhole messenger bag asymmetrical.

“I want to personally thank Veronica for giving me the opportunity to grow and understand myself.”


so they say:

In this guide, I'll share the simple strategies that help my clients go from feeling like roommates to reigniting their relationship and falling in love again.   

5 Things That Are Killing Your Marriage!

Better than Free Ice Cream!

let's work together

Just like you, I was ready for change, tired of being on the hamster wheel. Just like you, I wanted my marriage to thrive. Whether you are at your wit's end or ready to enhance your marriage I am here for you both. I don't take sides, I take a great deal of pride in providing a nonjudgmental environment. I am here to help you both grow. 

ready for change?