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January 21, 2024

Why do you need to celebrate your own success?

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What has been your turning point to changing your life to also include yourself? Why do you need to celebrate your own success? When last did you check up on your vaccine schedule?

In this episode, I am excited to interview Suzy Soliman, the founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group. Suzy shares her journey of becoming a pharmacist and the challenges she faced as a working mom. She explains how she created the Pharmacist Moms Group on Facebook, which has become the largest organization of pharmacists in the United States. The conversation emphasizes the role of exercise in building a strong immune system and provides advice for working moms on finding a balance between work and personal goals.

Meet Suzy Soliman

Suzanne Soliman is an award-winning PharmD, professor, author, and appointed member of the NJ Board of Health. She has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications and is a speaker and medical contributor on various pharmacy topics. She is the host of Coffee with Suzy and the founder of the Pharmacist Moms group, the largest community of Pharmacists in the U.S.

Connect with Suzy on her website. Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.


  • What’s your turning point?
  • The importance of claiming YOUR success
  • Suzy’s vaccine tips about shingles
  • Health tips in general
  • Suzy’s advice to moms

What’s your turning point?

I think the turning point for me was just learning more about myself because at one point I felt like my head was just going to explode. You know, having the kids and wanting to go everywhere and do everything I just slowed down. I had to listen to my body and I finally said; “I’ve got to slow down and realize what’s important to me.” (Suzy Soliman)

When you are a high-achieving woman who’s a mother, business owner, and wife, there is so much on your plate that there hardly feels like space and time for yourself.

In this modern society, it’s not easy for a woman to claim that she’s “successful” without being judged – but claiming your success is for you, not for others.

The importance of claiming YOUR success

Many high-achieving women chase success because they never stop to allow themselves to appreciate it when it actually happens, because they feel that there’s always something more to be done.

It took me a while to be able to say that, I couldn’t say it out aloud. And I think for many women, I think we struggle with that, and it took me quite a while. Once I was okay with it, then everything improved; my marriage improved, my work relationships improved, my friendships improved. I had to go back to silence and being still and listen to that inner voice of being okay with where I am at that point. (Suzy Soliman)

When you can claim that you have achieved something, and allow yourself to feel it and rest in it, then you end up trusting yourself more since you are not forever holding the carrot out in front of you to always keep going.

Suzy’s vaccine tips about shingles

Many high-achieving women can get shingles in their 40s and 50s. It’s a strain that is derived from the chickenpox virus, so if you had chickenpox as a kid there is a high chance that you could develop shingles later on.

There is a vaccine that is recommended for adults, 50 years or older, regardless if you had shingles or not, you should get it, and it’s about 90% effective in preventing shingles. (Suzy Soliman)

Shingles can be triggered in many ways, but the main cause of shingles is either a very low immune system or the presence of high stress. Unfortunately, this combination is present for many very busy moms and business owners.

If you are thinking about it, consult with your doctor and see if you can organize the shot because it’s an investment in your health.

Health tips in general

Really, I think for me the most important thing is building your immune system to be strong, so I really encourage everyone to exercise. Before even taking blood pressure medication, before doing anything, how much do you exercise? Do you know that exercise is better than any pill on Earth? (Suzy Soliman)

When it comes to healthcare, don’t just leave everything up to your doctors. Put in the effort to maintain your mind, body, and physical well-being yourself.

Exercise, eat well, sleep well, destress, and enjoy your life because not everything is about success and ambition. The cost of exercise and eating well now is much less than the cost of having to build back your health if you ever get chronically ill.

Invest in your body and mind now by building healthy habits.

Suzy’s advice to moms

Know that your “good enough” is good enough. Not everything needs to always be the best. Some days are just good enough, and that’s okay.

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