Reconnect With Your Partner

I know you probably feel alone and unappreciated in your relationship. I know that you have put your family ahead of your own needs and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. I know you struggle with not feeling loved the way you want to feel loved. I also know that you hate to admit that the laundry and the dishes get more action than your partner.

An online workshop to help you reconnect so you no longer feel like roommates.

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“How did I become his Mom? The empty promises just aggravate me so much. He says he will do something or take care of something, then doesn’t.” Sound familiar? 

Most of us weren't taught by our Parent's how to have healthy relationships. I will teach you how to identify your past patterns that are showing up, and I will provide you with strategies that guarantee you will have a healthy connection again

How to Stop Arguing With Your Partner

How to Reconnect When You Feel Disconnected

“The passion is so low these days that I feel parenthood and other commitments are taking control. I want to feel like it’s me he wants to spend time with.” 

I will help you identify what's standing between you and your husband and provide you with quick exercises to implement right now. Let’s make this easy!!!

what you'll learn in this workshop: 

How To Build Healthy Communication Habits

"Communication has always been a weak point for us, he says things without thinking. I try to logically work through things and he reacts emotionally. I try to say what I feel in a constructive manner, he takes it personally and attacks me." 

Most of us struggle with having a healthy conversation. We don't know what to say, words are exchanged and then we're left alone, again! I have helped hundreds of women with emotionally unavailable partners. In this workshop you will gain the skills for how to have a healthy conversation without hurting each other emotionally. 

How to Set & Respect Boundaries With Your Partner and Your In-Laws

"My relationship with my in-laws feels damaged. My Partner always supports them and never me. Boundaries are a confusing topic for me because I am a helper. I have this innate need to help anyone I can."

Boundaries are important to build a strong connection and foundation in your relationship. I will teach you how to do this, with confidence and without the guilt. 

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I'm Veronica

Yeah, I get it. I’ve said those words 100 times to my friends after realizing that the man I said “I Do” to wasn’t the same person- or was I just imagining it??
But here is what I finally realized (that changed things for me almost overnight). I started to use 4 SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE steps that changed our communication and connection for the better. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I got excited and started showing my clients and, they too were seeing changes, INSTANTLY!
Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 1 year or 15, these tips work and I can’t wait to share them.

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She encourages everyone to take ownership of the problems that they bring into the relationship and works to help you understand one another's truth.

"I will forever appreciate that Veronica doesn't take sides."

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She was able to help me identify things I couldn't see for myself, just by talking it through with me! It was literally like having an intelligent, no BS friend to talk things through with, but to come out of the conversation with power and goals, and even action!!

"Veronica was able to help me see where I was placing blame."


saw things in a new way

We feel like we are able to share without judgement and she is genuinely excited and interested in our success. She helps to gently direct our conversations towards the goal. Which is to find the cause and gave us the tools to continue the work on our own. 

"Veronica makes us feel very comfortable."

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Yes, It Really Works

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Girl, I got you!!! I want to personally invite you to my 2 hour workshop. Let's do this together. 

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