Working Moms: Navigating Ambition and Marriage with a Less Ambitious Partner | EU: 222

The unique pressures of ambitious goals can make us feel isolated. A support system is crucial.

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How to manage your emotions - Tips from a Therapist | EU 164

Do you feel like you are often out in the position where you have to be “the bigger person” in arguments with your partner?

How to manage your emotions – Tips from a Therapist | EU 164


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Do you and your partner often argue when it comes to making big decisions? Do you both feel you need to fight to get your opinion heard? Have you ever stopped to think that you both could be stuck in a power struggle? In this podcast episode, I share a story from my past with […]

How to Fix Power Struggles in your Relationship – Tips from a Marriage Therapist | EU 123


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In this guide, I'll share the simple strategies that help my clients go from feeling like roommates to reigniting their relationship and falling in love again.   

5 Things That Are Killing Your Marriage!

Better than Free Ice Cream!