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October 30, 2023

In amongst all your to-do lists and priorities as a high-achieving woman, are you remembering to look after your health?

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In amongst all your to-do lists and priorities as a high-achieving woman, are you remembering to look after your health? Do you only take care of yourself when you get sick? How can you take a proactive stance on your health that is cumulative and effective?

In this podcast episode, I am so excited to have Natasha Trenev on as we talk about cutting out stress and illness by prioritizing good health, food, and family habits.

Meet Natasha Trenev

Known as the Mother of Probiotics, Natasha Trenev has significantly contributed to the evolution of the probiotics industry. After graduating from UCLA in 1970, a decade of research led to Natasha’s development of the first revolutionary method of producing an effective and scientifically validated single-strain probiotic bacteria product. Natasha is the Founder and President of Natren Inc. Natren’s probiotic products come with 40 years of focused, rigorous scientific research and technology from leading scientists and researchers in the field of probiotics.

Connect with Natasha on her Website.


  • Why women’s health is more impacted
  • The body works with your help
  • How to be a wise consumer
  • Create a family routine around meals
  • Natasha’s advice to high-achieving women

Why women’s health is more impacted

A woman’s health is often worse off than those in her life because she is most likely taking care of those around her, and putting off caring for herself.

This response is perhaps both an instinctive response, but it is also one that is encouraged by society, where women focus on everyone but themselves and could be called “selfish” for taking care of their needs too.

Having worked for 56 years, I speak from personal experience. We don’t have a tendency to nurture ourselves. (Natasha Trenev)

This entire image is backward. Caretakers need care too, because any person cannot continue to keep giving from a cup that they never take the time to fill.

If a woman is carrying a lot of stress from her busy life without making time for her personal recovery, or changing her lifestyle so that there is less stress present, she runs the risk of falling ill.

Unchecked stress manifests in the areas where someone is weakest, and since most women are lacking energy, don’t forget that when your immune system is in overdrive, you won’t have energy to function and your immune system is in overdrive because you’re constantly creating this flight or fight situation with the unaddressed stress level. It’s a vicious circle. (Natasha Trenev)

The body works with your help

The human body truly is amazing! If you treat your body right, it has an incredible healing ability that it will switch on and do the work for you to bring yourself back to equilibrium – but you have to help it get there.

You have to put on the breaks, make and sustain the changes, so that you and your body work as a team to support your health and wellbeing.

The body’s perfectly capable of healing itself. It’s our attitude, our mindset, what we’re doing to our body without recognizing the damages like feeding it junk, taking a sugar fix. These are all things that may give us momentary pleasure, but in the long run they’re not helping our body to age gracefully and to maintain health. (Natasha Trenev)

You can only tell your body to “shut up” and deal with it for so long until you begin to struggle with chronic fatigue, illness, or any other medical issues. When your body sends you signals, listen to them.

How to be a wise consumer

  • Engage in simple and clean eating: be mindful of the foods that you choose to purchase. You don’t have to spend loads of money on certain foods, but just be mindful of what you buy.

Instead of opting for convenience, opt for nutrition. If you are so stressed and busy that you cannot cook a proper meal for most days of the week, then consider changing your week so that you can, because what you eat is important.

  • Wash your produce: wash your fruits and vegetables with vinegar and distilled water before eating and cooking them.
  • Some foods are not inherently bad: many doctors might tell you that corn is bad for you, but as a food, it’s not. It has now been processed and treated with many chemicals to mass-produce it that now it is bad for you, but grown well, it’s not.

We had better figures for health in the 1950s when people smoked and ate red meat than we do now, because of the amount of “adulterated foods” that we’re eating, in other words, we’ve gotten away from eating the way that our ancestors ate. (Natasha Trenev)

Create a family routine around meals

One of the healthiest things that you can do for your family is to have sit-down dinners at the table, where everyone is present, and people focus on eating and enjoying their food in the company of family. It allows:

  • For food to be properly chewed and not eaten in a rush, it can cause digestive problems and a lack of proper nutrient absorption
  • A peaceful environment where the body can eat and digest in a relaxed nervous system state, which supports proper digestion and body functioning
  • People to enjoy their food and be in touch with their bodily fullness and hunger cues

What we need to do is to get back into meditation, find time for ourselves, exercise, find time to chew our foods, and enjoy our foods. Many people just eat what they think is good for them but they don’t enjoy their food. (Natasha Trenev)

Be aware of what you are eating when you eat it, and notice how it makes you feel afterward.

Natasha’s advice to high-achieving women

  • Get a good probiotic supplement to take
  • Stop eating overly processed foods constantly
  • Take time to eat your food intentionally

It will take some time for these changes to fit into your lifestyle, but make them a priority! You cannot build the life that you want to live if you are constantly stressed out, disassociated, and running from event to event.

Be intentional, aware, and open. Be present, calm, and steadfast. You fully have the ability to change your life for the better. All you have to do is start, keep at it, and guard it once it’s there – because your life is for the making and to enjoy living.

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