Working Moms: Navigating Ambition and Marriage with a Less Ambitious Partner | EU: 222

The unique pressures of ambitious goals can make us feel isolated. A support system is crucial.

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Extremes, Insecurities, Acceptance... Oh My! | EU 013

Are you struggling with being comfortable in your own skin? Do your insecurities hold you back? Do you not think you’re enough? In this reverse podcast episode, Veronica Cisneros is interviewed by Melissa Vogel, they speak about extremes, insecurities, and acceptance. Podcast Sponsor There are many ways to keep your practice organized, but TherapyNotes is the […]

Extremes, Insecurities, Acceptance… Oh My! with Melissa Vogel | EU 13


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From Playground To Presents: How To Make Friends And Find Yourself | EU 002

Do you ever feel lonely? Are you not sure how to make friends? Is this the life you want to live? In This Podcast Summary In this podcast episode, Veronica shares her story of a time when she felt alone and didn’t know how to make friends. Adapting to change My husband called me one […]

From Playground To Presents: How To Make Friends And Find Yourself | EU 2


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In this guide, I'll share the simple strategies that help my clients go from feeling like roommates to reigniting their relationship and falling in love again.   

5 Things That Are Killing Your Marriage!

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