How to Break Barriers: Overcoming Addiction, Racism, and Perfectionism with Laura Cathcart Robbins | EU221

Laura Cathcart Robbins prioritizes well-being, breaks barriers, and inspires authentic living for high-achieving women.

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Veronica is on a mission to help couples reignite the fire by providing them with the skills to have the relationship they deserve.

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no b.s. or bandaids

You have noticed your child is a little off, and then you find some evidence of self-harm, now what? Are you afraid and unsure of how to address your child’s self-harming behaviors? It’s important to ask your child why they are self-harming. Did you know that self-harm does not equate to suicide? In this podcast […]

What Parents need to know about Self-Harm with Kerrie Toole | EU 129


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In this guide, I'll share the simple strategies that help my clients go from feeling like roommates to reigniting their relationship and falling in love again.   

5 Things That Are Killing Your Marriage!

Better than Free Ice Cream!