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Let's Bring Life Back to Your Stale Relationship

Let's Bring Life Back to Your Stale Relationship

Imagine flirting and kissing as the norm in your household. Imagine setting intentional time to date, growing together, feeling seen and heard. #GOALS am I right

Is it time you got your spark back?

scroll on if you're into it.


Are you craving a thriving marriage? One where you are growing with your partner instead of feeling disconnected? Do you want meaningful conversations and intentional time? 

Let's stop posting the fake "perfect marriage" posts on Instagram (you know the ones) and start living authentically! I'll give you the skills that will make newlyweds jealous. 

A Better Marriage Retreat

"It was amazing and very insightful. It was so emotional but a good kind. I definitely cried but it was much needed like a big stress reliever has finally been lifted off of my shoulders and I finally feel hopeful for my marriage."

"I finally feel hopeful for my marriage."

I wasn't sure if my marriage was beyond repair or if we were just in a rough patch. I was settling for complacency and was definitely ignoring things that needed to be worked on. And that's when I had to acknowledge that my marriage was put on the back burner and it was up to me to make a change.

I was in your shoes... I even had divorce papers in my hands.

it's time to learn how to hold space for one another and have in depth conversations that will transform your relationship. 

but guess what...

A Better Marriage


The marriage retreat to take your marriage from good to great. 
 Less arguing, more connecting. Skills for a healthy and strong marriage. Model for your kids what true love should look like so they don’t repeat past mistakes.

You will learn to reignite the flame and become best friends once again. 

How does this sound?

You will learn how to resolve an argument with your partner that isn’t met with avoidance. 



the results you're going to get:

You will learn how to inspire change and set intentional time to grow together.


You will learn how to reconnect with your partner working together as a team so you don’t feel like roommates.


You will learn how to have uncomfortable conversations so that you can both feel understood and supported with lasting results.



"My husband and I are both paying more attention to the message we are trying to relay, rather than immediately becoming defensive."


took ownership:


"Veronica makes us feel very comfortable, we feel like we are able to share without judgement and she is genuinely excited and interested in our success."


feels seen:


real results

the details you've been waiting for:

May 5-7, 2023


A villa in Temecula Wine Country, California


You and your partner! Yep, we need you both to commit!


Meals provided by a private chef.
A workbook to take all of your learnings home with you.
Educational sessions, breakout group sessions and intentional couple time.

what's included:

$1,799 per couple for general tickets and $2,799 for VIP


Local Hotels & Airbnb's (recommendations provided at sign up)
If you choose the VIP package, lodging is provided. 

where to stay:

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

I know initiating these conversations can be scary and daunting but I promise there is a way to have them that isn't explosive. Let's shine light on these issues so you can move forward together instead of avoiding and hoping a bomb doesn't go off. 

Storing up resentment can damage your connection if left unattended. Instead of walking on eggshells to avoid the landmines, let's learn how to address these conversations!

You're in the right place.

"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


Be having discussions that truly result in improvements that last. 

Be teammates and tackle life's challenges together.

Put an end to a dispute so old arguments stop coming up and repeating themselves.

Have fun, laugh, and enjoy each other. Get curious and create a deeper shared meaning.

By the end of the retreat, you will...


"You pick up on things with little said sometimes that obviously, we wouldn’t pick up ourselves. And you give amazing insight. I found freedom. I encourage you to GET TO THAT RETREAT. "

— whitney

"You’re amazing at what you do!"

"We feel like we are able to share without judgement and she is genuinely excited and interested in our success. She helps to gently direct our conversations towards the goal. Which is to find the cause and gave us the tools to continue the work on our own. "

"Veronica makes us feel very comfortable."

— Alejandra

I'm Veronica, your new relationship mentor with no filter and no BS.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, marriage coach, course creator, retreat host, mother of 3, married for 23 years and host of the Empowered and Unapologetic podcast. 

more about me

hey there!

I get it! I once had divorce papers in my hand.

On the outside, everything about our lives looked perfect but I couldn't admit to anyone in my life that my husband and I were miserable. Every day was a struggle and I had completely lost myself. 

With nowhere else to turn, I focused on creating the best version of myself. It was just the thing we needed to save our marriage.

just like you I wanted a relationship that would make newlyweds jealous. I know I have that now and I am excited to teach you how to do the same. 

but it wasn't always this way.

This retreat is the only one of its kind because...

it challenges you to step outside of your comfort zones.

I don’t do bandaids. I will help you identify the issues you both bring into the relationship and teach you how to truly heal. I am not here to be a referee, I take a great deal of pride in providing you the guidance you both need to hold you accountable to receive the changes you desire. 

This requires a lot of application in real time. This isn’t your average retreat where you will listen to me lecture. Hell NO!!! I am putting you both to work together and with people who are on the same boat. We are going to collectively implement the tools and skills you will learn so that you experience true healing.

it comes with support.

You don’t have to do this alone. As a marriage therapist I have over 9 years of experience helping couples, over 10 years of education and 23 years of personal experience as a wife. I have gone through it all, and then some. 

This retreat includes everything you need to reignite your spark.

You’re the one going to put forth the work and effort. I will be challenging you both and I will not work harder than you. 
Are you ready to invest in your marriage and experience the connection you’ve been yearning for?

Replacing pride with understanding and support.

Resolving arguments without the past resurfacing.

Setting intentional time to grow together and learn from each other.

Bringing back the romance in your marriage, regardless of your busy schedule.

Having uncomfortable conversations with accountability.

Working together as a team to support each other's dreams and goals.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


This      for you if:

You're willing to work on making your marriage better

your marriage is on the brink of divorce

you both love each other but know there is room for growth

you are not willing to step outside your comfort zone

you and your partner want to learn skills on how to deeply connect

It's probably       for you if...

you want to blame and shame each other, not holding yourself accountable



It's probably
for you if...

What meals are included?

There will be appetizers Friday, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are flying in for the weekend, what is the best airport to fly into?

San Diego or Ontario Airport

What will each day look like? 

There will be educational sessions where I will teach you skills and provide you with tools to communicate effectively. There will be breakout sessions in groups where you will be provided real life scenarios where you will work together to implement the skills learned. There will also be breakout activity sessions for each couple to practice what they learned and participate in exercises and experience breakthroughs. The overall retreat schedule is:
Friday 6pm-8pm 
Saturday 10am-8pm 
Sunday 10am- 5pm

Is there any support after the retreat?

Yes! You can enroll in 1:1 couples coaching relapse prevention program where we meet weekly. 

Is lodging included?

The VIP option includes lodging at the retreat property! You can checkin on 5/5 and checkout on 5/8. If you choose the general tickets, lodging will not be included but we will provide you with a list of recommended hotels.

If my spouse can't come, can I come alone? 

This is a couples retreat and would not be beneficial to come on your own. If your spouse can't come, we recommend a workshop instead or 1:1 coaching.

Do you offer scholarships?

I do not offer scholarships at this time. 

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your relationship is an important one! I'm here to answer any questions you have!

Still on the fence?